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User Experiences & User Interfaces
design for mobile and desktops.

Hello, I’m Oleg Mirsoyan, a freelance UX & UI designer and photographer from TLV with great business and design background. Synce 2006, I have helped many startups and businesses by improving their products.

My role is purely the visual design, focusing on creating the look and feel of your product. If you just need someone technical to make your app or website work I can put you in touch with some great developers that I collaborate with regularly.

I'm specializing in

Creating Concepts

Every great design starts with an idea/concept. An idea is what forms the fundamental parts. It’s very important that all the fundamental parts are well defined and working.

Visualizing Ideas

The best way to present an idea is to visualize it. It makes your idea alive. In many cases, visualization helps users understand the story that a business wants to tell them.

Designing Interfaces

My main area of expertise is UI design. Nowadays, interface is a very important part of the online product. The right UI will guarantee your success.

Growth Hacking

HACKING It’s not just about numbers and conversions. It’s about understanding the users and knowing how to engage them at the right time in the right place.

Building Products

Building products is my passion. It’s more than just design. It’s about understanding the company and its clients. It’s about complex processes and joinery to achieve success.

Improving UX

User experience is an essential part of the service/product nowadays. Creating experience starts with the value proposition. After that comes usability – how easy a product is to use.